Storytelling in Schools

The following schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Boroughs of Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham currently take part in the Everyday Magic Storytelling programme -;

Berrymede Infants School, Lady Margaret SchoolMarlborough Primary School, The Oratory RC Primary SchoolOur Lady of Victories R.C. Primary SchoolPerivale Primary School

Servite R.C. Primary SchoolSt John’s Primary SchoolSt Mary’s R.C. Primary School,

Feedback from the schools

Michaela Giordmaina, a teacher who "REALLY joins in"!

” We have had the pleasure of listening to many stories told by Anne Johnson with the help of her Everyday Magic musician Hugo. The children’s faces light up with excitement when they see Anne and Hugo and settle quickly into song as the session begins. As a teacher, I have found the storytelling sessions a unique opportunity to observe the children’s attention and participation. Through Anne’s wonderful friendly calm manor and Hugo’s talented musician skills, the children’s attention and participation has significantly improved. From seeing the impact of Anne’s storytelling on the afternoon children I have implemented the storytelling sessions within the morning Nursery. The morning children are enjoying them as much as the afternoon children and we are seeing similar improvements to their attention and participation. The Nursery looks forward to every storytelling session and is ecstatic to hear that Everyday Magic will be re-visiting us next year!”


Michaela (St Johns Primary, Ealing)


“When we tell the children that the storytellers are coming, they stop whatever they are doing and run to sit down. For my Nursery, it transforms their whole way of being, and has an effect on all aspects of life in the Nursery” – Carol Keohane – formerly of Ashburnham Community School

“It is such a pleasure to work with such creative people and for our children to benefit from the talented musicians, artists and storytellers who are part of Everyday Magic” – Jessica Finer, Head teacher  - Marlborough Primary School

“The six sessions over the course of the term make it possible for the children and myself and the T.A.’s, to learn a whole new repertoire of songs and rhymes.” – Michele Heard, Foundation Stage Leader  - Our Lady of Victories R.C. Primary School 

“The children’s own story writing has benefitted greatly. The structure of their stories, the vocabulary they use has been enriched and extended” – Michele Baker, Year 2 Teacher, Servite R.C. Primary School

“The planning and overview at the beginning of term for our project ‘Amazing Africa’ was very helpful and ensured there was an understanding of what was to be delivered. From the teacher’s perspective it is lovely to see different children excel in their responses to the stories shared. The percussionist added greatly to the delivery of the stories. It is delightful to hear the children retelling the stories to each other throughout the week. The art transformed our classroom and the masks the children made were amazing” –  Sharon Judge Year 3 class teacher and Deputy Head – Servite R.C. Primary School

“We were able to see our children from a different perspective. The topics were enriched and we were able to continue using the stories and songs in between sessions. The rhythm and song was incorporated into the stories and kept the children totally engaged and participating.” - Chris Parker and Bella Wrigley, Reception teachers – Colville Primary School

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