What the schools say…

“Since the storytellers have been coming to the Nursery, speaking and listening skills have improved tremendously and the children’s attention is amazing. The children get involved in the stories. This has a knock-on effect in all imaginative play. The children repeat what you have said, sing the songs and tell the stories. I can’t praise the storytellers enough!”

Carole Keohane – Early Years Co-ordinator – Deputy Head and Teacher in charge of Nursery        


 “I am Year 5’s teacher and this term our theme has been ‘The Victorians’. The class and I have got a great deal from the six sessions we have had with the storytellers. It is notoriously difficult for children to have a real sense of history.The storytellers made it possible for this class to enter the world of Victorian London and really feel they were there.” 

Blair Patterson, Year 5 Teacher

Ashburnham Primary School

“We have a child in our class with speech and language difficulty…he finds it hard to even speak in full sentences, but he really benefits from hearing the storytellers and the beautiful language, the rhythm of the language, the music along with it to create the scene. He is often enthused after the sessions and able to write his own stories much more clearly…because he’s had that enriching experience”

Michelle Baker – Year 4 Servite Primary School


“Our children would riot if we tried to take the storytellers away! They now feel they are entitled to Everyday Magic, we value it tremendously”

Sarah Howell, Deputy Head Marlborough Primary School

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