Everyday Magic is a London-wide charity currently running regular  programmes in the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Ealing. Every year over 1,500 children aged 3 to 11 have their imaginations fired up with colourful and vivid storytelling at school.

For the last twelve years Everyday Magic has been delivered by an association of 16 storytellers, artists, visual artists and musicians who captivate, inspire and excite the imaginations of children with their special brand of magic.

At the heart of Everyday Magic is storytelling, complemented with other art forms. Artists work closely with teachers and schools to devise programmes which develop children’s imagination and creativity, to inspire, motivate, engage and entertain through a multitude of interactive stories, songs, music, arts and crafts.

The stories we tell are often about moral dilemmas and the debates the older children initiate show us that they make the links between the dilemmas in the stories and situations they face in their lives. The debates are often passionate and very revealing. It gives the storytellers and the teachers, a greater connection with and insight into these young people.

Our young Londoners, as has always been the case, are from a diversity of backgrounds. They are trying to find their way in a world where a lot of the furniture is moving around. They need a unique sense of their own worth and of the worth of their fellow beings so that when they are adults they are able to act, interact and have the confidence to initiate projects that have a beneficial effect upon their immediate family and wider community. Long term relationships with significant adults when they are children; adults who value them and who help them articulate their thoughts and reactions to what is around them and who have fun with them are invaluable. The Everyday Magic Team work alongside teachers and are part of that group of significant adults.

Our Patron

Ian McMillan, poet, broadcaster & comedian

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